White Squirrel, Grand Bend

by Yvonne
(Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)

My husband and I were at "Brentwood on the Beach B & B", north of Grand Bend at Bluewater, Ontario, this past Tuesday and Wednesday (Nov. 1 and 2nd) when another guest mentioned at breakfast, that she had seen a "White Squirrel" on the grass outside her window facing the Lake.

By the time she went to get her camera, it had disappeared.

Before we left we decided to drive to the end of the street, and there it was on the grass outside a resident's wall, next to a stand of trees by a creek.

By the time I got out of the car with my camera, it took a look at me and scampered up a tree. I was not able to get a good clear photo, just a distant photo of it's long body on the side of the tree, before it scampered to the highest trees in the wooded area and out of site.

We had never seen one before and did not know that there are plenty of them in Exeter, 30 miles away.

We were excited to see this one even though it did not stick around long enough for us to get an up-close look at it.

Another amazing creature created by God for us to enjoy!

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