White Bird of Prey

by One of our readers
(Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

I was driving to my brother in law's house in Barrie, Ontario. As we approached his house, which borders a large tract of forest, I noticed a white bird of prey, flying low and slowly over the street, gliding slowly and fearlessly of even our presence.

This bird was absolutely beautiful and entirely white, small as compared to most buteos, maybe a Kestrel?

I don't have my bird book with me, but would love to know what it was. Can you help please?

Thanks for your report, I'm not sure what you could have seen, perhaps one of our readers will know - if anyone out there knows what this bird could be, please let us know!

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by: Anonymous

Sounds to me like you may have spotted a Gyrfalcon they are not native to here but do show up here quite frequently. I was on one of my hikes one day and I keep my eyes in the sky and noticed one day about three or four all white fairly small birds of prey that looked like they were playing and dive bombing each other and the only birds of prey that fit the description are Gyrfalcons. What a beautiful sight it must have been for you - they have been spotted in Scarborough and Windsor also.

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