Train tracks at Wentworth Street at Wilson Road, Oshawa

by Erica
(Oshawa, Ontario)

I have twice seen Coyotes crossing on Wentworth Street by Wilson Road, by the train tracks. The first time was around midnight and there four pups crossing the road.

This morning at 4:30am a big Coyote was crossing here and walked out on to the road right beside my car, when I slowed the coyote went around the back of my vehicle and continued on its way into the ravine.

I live on Cedar Street and a few months ago towards the end of winter at around midnight, I was getting out of my car in my driveway and a Coyote walked right past me down my driveway, crossed the street and disappeared into a neighbor's backyard.

It didn't seem bothered by me at all, in fact, it didn't even glance my way.

Beautiful creatures, but I worry about walking my dog around here especially in the late evening / early morning.

Please leave a comment if you have seen Coyotes in this area as well.

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