Thrilled to see an Indigo Bunting in our backyard

by Lynn
(Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada)

On May 14, I was relaxing and watching the birds that come to our backyard feeders.

Suddenly I saw a vivid blue colour among the leaves of our Cherry Blossom tree, which is very close to our nyjer feeder.

I wasn't even sure what it was at first, I just saw a small amount of intense blue color among the leaves.

Once I realized it was a bird, it was really quite exciting to see.

We're used to seeing Blue Jays in our backyard, but this little bird was nothing like that.

I took a closer look, and quickly looked up the bird online.

It was indeed a male Indigo Bunting, and it flew over to our nyjer feeder.

I was able to capture a few quick images of it sitting on our nyjer feeder and then flying to our other feeders.

It spent a short amount of time checking out our feeders and flying to and from our trees and bushes, and then flew off.

It's been the highlight of our birdwatching to see such a beautiful little bird, and I'm hoping it returns.

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