The Robins are back!

by Monty, Barb & two of our Readers
(St Thomas, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Ottawa)

This is Barb, your webmistress here, letting you know that the Robins returned to the London & St Thomas area of Ontario about two weeks ago, around March 7th.

We have seen them on our lawn and in the fields around here - sometimes flocks of 30 - 40 birds, and I suspect that they are just stopping here to eat on their way further north.

If you read the reports of Robin sightings below, you will see that the birds are arriving and making their way north-ward.

We have had such cold, snowy weather lately, so it is wonderful to see them return to this area after their winter down south!

A reader from Toronto wrote to say that the Robins had returned in mid-March, however, some Robins over-winter in Toronto and don't go south at all. Male Red-Wings return a couple of days later.

Monty Simon says - My wife & I live in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and we saw our first Robin on March 20 2013. It was in front of the house in a big 20 year old crab apple tree. Where do they migrate to in the fall? This same tree over the years has been an eating spot for them. On occasion you can hardly see the branches for Robins!

Roddy from Ottawa says - March 24th 2013 - Saw my first Robin of the year this morning, hopping along the neighbor's fence. Hopefully this painfully long winter is almost over.

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Robins back in London
by: Anonymous

Yes !!! I heard a couple robins around 7am this morning February 26 2023 in London Ontario ... perhaps others have heard them earlier, but this must be the earliest I've heard them ever.

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