The last day before leaving the nest

by Qute
(London, Ontario, Canada)

We have Robins nesting around our house every year since we moved to the North West end of London 4 years ago.

The nest is built just under the roof of the garage and above the downspout pipe (See the attached pictures).

Three babies were in the nest and the two first ones went away after 2 weeks. The little one seemed to want to stay in the nest.

We watched over a weekend how his/her parents tried to encourage the baby to fly out. The mom reduced the frequency of the feeding on Saturday and did not come back to the nest over night.

On Sunday, the baby was calling the mom from the edge of the nest and tried to fly out. But the baby backed down every time and go back to the cozy nest. The mom came back in the middle of the afternoon and provided few worms.

After that, the mom almost tried to push the baby out of the nest. But the baby went back to the nest. The cycle continued few times more before the baby left the nest around 5pm.

After watching the Robins all days long, we missed the moment of baby leaving nest by just few minutes, but we hope that we will have chance the next year to catch the moment that a baby leaves the nest.


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