The broken egg and the sad Robin

by Bama

Parent Robin

Parent Robin

My little daughter, who is 4 years old, saw a Robin's nest on top of my neighbour's electric meter box 3 weeks ago.

Everyday she looked to see the eggs, but yesterday, Monday, July 6, 2009, when she checked the nest in the morning, the nest was on the ground and the eggs were broken.

A little later we saw the mother Robin on the sidewalk, lying on the ground and beating her wings like a mad bird.

We put the nest back on a tree. But still I feel sad about the robin. I found so many books about robins after this incident. I like your website about Robins.


Thank you so much for sending this to us - that is so sad. The good news is that there is enough time for the Robins to lay more eggs and raise a family. Sometimes, bigger birds and Squirrels, will eat Robin's eggs.

I hope your little girl gets to see the parent Robins lay and raise another batch of young.

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Broken eggs and upset momma what to do?
by: Anonymous

A robin made a nest in a bush right outside our front door. My six year old daughter and I would look at it each morning.

The bush was not that sturdy and last night we had a big rain storm. When I looked out this morning the nest was toppled and the eggs are broken on our front porch.

The bird seems very upst and dive bombed our little beagle as she made her morning tinkle on our lawn.

I am very sad for the bird... Not sure what to do with the broken eggs (sweep off porch?)

How long will the bird stay and how long will she continue to swoop and dive at us? Not sure what to do....

I would clean up the broken eggs and with luck, your Robin will build another nest.

If you wanted to, you could see if it is possible to put the nest somewhere safer - perhaps on top of a porch-light where you could make sure it is secure.

The Robins still have lots of time to lay, and hatch, one or even two clutches of eggs this season.

The broken egg and the sad Robin
by: amy

I hope that one day soon your daughter will have the privilege to see the amazing beginnings of a Robin's life ...... from egg to hatchling and if fortunate, to an adult male or female robin!

This year is the second time a Robin has nested in our apricot tree, on a branch just two feet below my son's window sill, and just like your daughter, every day we check it out to see how they're coming along!

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