The Baby Robin

by S Gillespie
(St. Catharines)

Picture of the Baby Robin

Picture of the Baby Robin

Probably the first one I saw would have been about around late Feb or Mid March.

However this month of June is what will stay in my memory the longest - "Why" might you ask?

Well on the way to walking my six year old son to school with my fiance ...... there sat on a person's lawn a baby robin!

The parent was up on a power line calling to the baby. We decided to continue walking my son to school and see what happened on the way back.

My son was very concerned about the baby, so when my fiance and I saw the little one still on the lawn with no parent in sight, we decided we would take him/her home.

While I found a temporary spot for the baby to stay so that I could dig worms in our back yard and pick strawberries, my fiance found him a box.

Well he/she did not like strawberries very well, but the worms went down just fine, then the baby decided a nap was in order.

I found a safe enclosed place for the baby to rest while we dug some more worms up and found a few bugs. The baby slept for quite awhile, then awoke a few times, but then went back to sleep.

I am sorry to say this is a sad story as the baby eventually woke up, but had trouble standing, we decided to call the Humane Society. At this time we had picked up my son from school, and were now home.

Shortly afterward, the baby died. Robins do not carry illnesses that humans can get, so we were safe. It is likely that there was a hidden injury, perhaps when the baby fell?

We miss the baby robin deeply and wish that things had ended differently. I have a picture that I will attach with this message.


Thank you for your story, yes, it is sad when little foundlings die, but you did your best to help this little creature - Thank you for telling us about it! Barb

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