Surprise visit while sipping my early morning tea

by Jacqueline
(Burlington, Ontario)

June 10 - 5am - Up early as per usual - sat outside on the front porch with my much loved first mug of hot strong English breakfast tea.

My husband had stained the family room hardwood floors the day before and I found sitting outside in the early morning air quite a relief. It was still outside. The mist and sunlight crossed the grass on the park where we abut. It was almost mystical, peaceful, I never expected to see what I saw.

I decided to tour our beautiful civic rose award gardens. We live on a small park on a ravine that leads to the lake. When I saw the first coyote, although I felt a little startled, I remained calm. He was beautiful, with a luxurious thick shiny reddish brown coat, with streaks of black throughout.

He looked to be about 45 pounds, a comparative size to the dog we have, and in good health. I thought it best to slowly, but assuredly return back to the house. As I did I turned around and realized he was following me, right up the driveway. It surprised me as I would have thought when he saw me he would have fled.

We had eye contact for seconds. I stood still, feeling safe now as I stood in the doorway. He left, slowly after I shooded him away, voice and hand.

That is when I noticed his "sibling". I learned upon further research today, they do not move about in " packs " as wolves do.

He would have surely have had my 17 pound Ragdoll cat for breakfast.

I remind "Lawrence" how life is not always greener in other pastures, however have asked myself many times today, would he have attacked my dog or a small child ?

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Small child and your dog.............YES.
by: Jane Gateman

I would suggest to never walk your dog or take a small child in that area.

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