Suicidal Robin

by Ann
(Niagara Falls, Ontario)

One particular Robin keeps bashing into our windows.

Does this every morning for a couple of hours. Why???

This Robin is making a mess of our windows and leaving bird poop on the window ledges and on our railings.

Ahhh ..... it must be Spring!

Often, birds will do this to windows and car mirrors, because they see their reflection in the glass, and attack the other bird, which they think is a rival Male.

Robins do this, and we have had Cardinals who also exhibit this behaviour in the Spring.

We controlled this by covering the glass with newspaper for a few days, and the bird didn't do this any more. For the car mirrors, we covered them with an old cloth for a couple of days and the bird lost interest.

One thing that I found interesting was when there were up to four or five cars in our driveway (we had a bunch of our teen-agers living at home at the time), the bird attacked one mirror, of one of the cars, and completely ignored the others! Our eldest son was the only one who's car was full of bird droppings - he wasn't impressed!

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