Spotted in Brampton

by Mike
(Brampton, Ontario)

One of our readers in Brampton tells us about the wildlife in his area - We live by the cricket pitch in Camden Park near Sandalwood and Sunforest. In the forests around here I've seen Skunks, Raccoons, Hawks, White Tailed Deer and recently my neighbours have spotted Coyotes.

A number of different neighbours have shared stories with me - Nature in the city, it's great!

I am a little nervous about my dog and young children - with Coyotes around the area.

Thanks for your submission, Mike, if you see any more animals or get any pictures of the wildlife in your area, we would love to hear from you again!

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Coyote in Peel Village
by: Anonymous

I took my dog for a walk in Peel Village park where I have lived my whole life. It's a small park surrounded by houses and I have only ever seen rabbits and skunks in there.

Last night I took my lab out for a walk around midnight, and I came into the park and there was a Coyote by himself in there.

When he saw us he started walking toward my dog and I - my dog let out a growl and it stopped about 20 feet away.

We walked away backwards to keep facing it and it followed me for about 100m until it gave up, then it trotted a few more yards away and let out a big long howl at the sky.

I was so surprised to see a Coyote in this little park that has no woods or any kind of areas for him to live.

Us Too
by: Tony H.

I've seen the deer and last night, I believe the Coyotes we having a party - there was lots of barking and howling!

Coyotes 407 & Steeles
by: JMN

I am not sure if the area around HWY 407 & Steeles is considered Brampton or still Mississauga, but regardless, I spotted 2 hungry looking Coyotes on the snowy patch of land on the the North-East corner of the 407 East entrance just before 4pm on December 20, 2010.

Three Coyotes in Brampton
by: Mike and Genn

Well, never mind one Coyote, our neighbour saw 3 the other morning. He came out of the house (on our small dead-end street that backs onto the Etobicoke Creek and Camden Park).

He saw one Coyote on the street (actually standing on the grass in the court facing our homes)and so our neighbour decided to take his dog in another direction.

He went to take a path that leads to the park right off of Sunforest and there he saw 2 more Coyotes. They froze, looked at him and his dog, then went into the woods.

by: Daniel Cartwright

Sorry ....... just excited cause I live on Mayfeild and often play on that pitch. It would be great to spot one for myself. Love nature.

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