Southern Ontario Hawks

by Debbie Fuller, Kathy, Alison, Rosie
(Scarborough, Toronto, Hamilton)

Debbie Fuller wrote to say ... I have hawks around my property all the time but, this morning at 11:00 am. I saw a totally grey large hawk sitting in a flower planter on my deck. Ran for my camera but, too late. He was hunting as this is where my bird and squirrel feeding stations are. I live in southwestern Ontario. We also have little hawks that are super fast. They are silvery grey.

Kathy from Scarborough, Ontario, said ... My house backs onto a large wooded area (Morningside Park). I observed a Sharp Shinned Hawk take a Chickadee from a tree, eat it, then take a Downy Woodpecker right off my suet feeder. The hawk spent three hours in my yard, alternately sunning himself (while sitting on his meal) and eating. Have not seen him since (4 weeks).

On February 9th, 2014. 2:45 p.m. a reader said ... Saw a Coopers Hawk perched on the steeple of the Baptist Church at Carlton and Jarvis. It stayed there for at least an hour and was joined briefly by another hawk with similar markings but darkish grey in color with dark grey spots on its chest. Would that be a Juvenile?

Alison wrote to us on February 23rd to say ... I have a male and female Coopers Hawk who are regulars in my yard. I have several feeders and have also had the pleasure of watching the hawks in action. I am very pleased to hear your positive response. So many people seem horrified to have a hawk possibly preying on birds at their feeders. Personally, I think the hawk is a magnificent creature, and am honoured to have them around. There are literally hundreds of finches and sparrows but only one pair of hawks. I think we can afford to sacrifice the occasional small bird to these amazing predators of the sky. Thanks for your positive story, and have fun hawk watching.

Rosie from Hamilton wrote to say ... I glanced out of the second storey bathroom window and thought one of my neighbours had put up one of those fake owls. When I looked again I saw it was a hawk. It had it's back to me so I was able to see the stole of spotted feathers gracing it's back. This was in downtown Hamilton, Ontario. It was perched on the fence between my neighbour's on Erie.

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