So what?

by Chris
(Port Colborne, Ontario)

I've lived in Southern Ontario most of my 48 years.

Grew up on the Welland canal from St. Kitts to Port Colborne.

I've always had a dog and walked them winter and summer, day and night, and I've heard and seen lots of coyotes heard them last night too.

Never bothered me - it's Nature for goodness sake.

If you put food out for them (small dogs etc) they'll come and eat, USE YOUR HEADS!

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The Howling
by: Country Gal

As a kid on our farm, with heavily wooded area behind us, I used to be out in the evening howling back and answering the Wolves and Coyotes! I have met up with a few in my life time and as a "Country Bumpkin" have always respected animals whether farm, pet or wild life, and as for the wild life, we humans are the predators!

I Agree
by: Country Gal

You're right! I grew up in the country on a Hobby farm in Caledon, Ontario, and there always were Wolves, Coyotes and even wild dogs, that either run away or were dropped off!

If the animal is hungry it will eat just about anything.

The thing that bugs me is that there are far more lost, dumped, and wandering dogs out there than there are Wolves and Coyotes!

I live in the country still, just very south west of Caledon !

Well Said!
by: Skotia

I've got about 15 years on you and have never had a problem with local WILD animals.

I grew up in the country, practically lived in the woods and learned to respect those that claimed it as their territory.

Perhaps our fairy tales do more damage to the minds of children then we think.

My list of acquaintances include a Wolf at 8yrs. old, a Coyote at 11, Badger at 10, Bear at 13, Rattle Snake at 43, and various other minor to major players in our outback, getting to my current age.

True, they're not harmless, cuddly or friendly creatures. Learn to understand and respect them or, at least as you stated, try not to feed them.

Where I live now I am serenaded by a local pack of Coyote almost every night. Their choir director, baton in paw, must have a huge repertoire, as the song changes nightly. A comforting sound from my youth.

Now, if only the wolves would come back.....

Well said!

by: Darlene

Chris is absolutely correct! Let's enjoy what we have left in nature rather than trying to get rid of the animals.
I was in Cuba recently and the pool guy was taking a big land crab out of the pool. He shrugged and said "this was where they've always lived before the resort was built. We're on their land". He moved the crab to a quiet spot.
I love visiting my Mom in Welland and hearing the
Coyotes at night.

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