Small Dogs and Cats Become Prey in Nature

by Anonymous

Today I am not surprised by so many Coyote incidents.

With most people being urban dwellers, and habitat greatly reduced, by the GROWING HUMAN POPULATION (We are the invasive species), it seems that common sense about the laws of nature is gone now.

Any small animal left out in an unfenced or under-fenced yard, near a natural area will be vulnerable to being seen as prey to native species.

What is a wild animal to think...... that a small pet is a food item or a specially appointed species, that is forbidden?

Back when most Canadians were farmers or small-town dwellers, there was enough green space that Coyotes stayed under the radar. They were there, but not so close, and very elusive, not wanting to be seen.

I have seen most species pushed closer to extinction, but the Coyote is very adaptable and has thrived, but without common sense in planning for adequate green space, this is the expected result.

Unfortunately, there can never be enough development, and land is not set aside for carbon sinks or wildlife habitat in a way that would make sense.

I fear however that out disregard for the natural systems will lead to far worse problems than Coyotes for this planet.

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by: Joanna

Well said. People buying new homes where once stood natural habitat for wildlife, should expect to see these animals. After all they just took their home. It is common sense to keep your cats in at night and be outside at all times with your smaller dogs. Its like people think a Coyote should know the difference between our pets and something wild.

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