Sledding near Wiarton

by Alison L
(London, Ontario, Canada)

Snowmobile trail

Snowmobile trail

Several years ago, my mother came to Canada to visit me and my family, for Christmas. During the three weeks she was here, my husband thought it would be a good idea to take her out to see what Snowmobiling was all about.

We went to Wiarton and stayed overnight (we are from the London area) and the following morning, we got Mom all dressed in snowmobile gear - thermal underwear, long sleeved sweater, warm pants, snowsuit, balaclava, snowmobile boots and gloves.

I explained to my husband that it was important for him to remember that my mother was older (75 years old), and that she had never been on a snowmobile before, and for him to take her slowly and gently on the trails. We put her on the back seat of his 2-upper and I got myself ready to go.

By the time I had got my gloves and helmet on, they were long gone! He tore out of the parking lot and down the trail, which was an old rail-bed, and I couldn't see them for snow!

By the time I caught up to them, they had reached the restaurant where we were going to have lunch, just a couple of miles down the trail, and as my husband got off the sled and helped Mom off, she took her helmet off and shouted "Yippeeee..... that was wild!"

She had a blast!

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