Sighting of Robins

by Neil Kennedy
(Mississauga Ontario)

Saw ten Robins in a neighbour's tree February 18th 2015, with one drinking from my pond.

Isn't this unusual and do they know something about spring that we don't?
If you know, please do share.
Sighting was in Mississauga Ontario, two days ago.

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Robin Sighting
by: Angie

Also saw 12 Robins on February 23,have never seen them this early. Will be sure to put out extra bird food etc. as the ground is snow covered. Hoping they are a sign of early spring!

Robins in the snow
by: Kelly

On one of our very few days of snow this winter (February 16, 2016) here in Burlington, Ontario I had two lovely Robins in my backyard. I have a heated bird bath and 5 feeders but so far they're just observing from the trees.

Robins in Winter
by: Judy

I saw about a dozen Robins on the ground last Thursday, February 19/15. They were digging into the crusty snow under an evergreen tree. I presume for the "seeds" from the tree. I was surprised to see them as they don't usually make an appearance until springtime. It was a lovely sight.

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