Several Sightings around Ontario

by Various readers
(Southern Ontario)

One of our readers says ..... We live in Brighton, Ontario. We commonly hear Coyotes in the evening and occasionally spot them in our field in the evenings. Over the last week there has been a lone Coyote out in the morning that will come up to our backyard and root around our fire-pit that is about 60 feet from our house.

Sandra from Port Hope tells us ..... Last week a Coyote ran in front of my vehicle on Tyneside Road in Mount Hope, Ontario, in the afternoon. This coyote seemed to be running alone.

Another reader tells us ..... I've seen a Coyote (small and healthy-looking) at the Alliston Beattie Pinery Provincial Park a few times. The perfect spot for a Coyote - near a small river, lots of trees and beside lots of farmland. Lots of yummy snakes and mice and so forth.

Mark Stephens from London tells us .....August 13 5.10am, London Golfland cutting greens - the lights on my mower lit it right up. It was coming right at me, so I yelled obscenities it turned and ran

Tara from Breslau, Ontario, reported ..... We heard Coyotes howling in our yard last night. We have no neighbours and live backing onto a corn field. I wish I could have seen them, they really are beautiful but it was 3 am and too dark. A close friend of the family was severely attacked recently by a Coyote on a golf course, so there have been attacks in Ontario, although I am sure they are not common.

A reader from Brooklin, Ontario, (north Whitby) says ..... people have been spotting packs in the residential areas, usually late at night after 11 pm. You can hear them howling or making yelping sounds most nights.

So, dear readers, it looks like Coyotes are active all across Southern Ontario!

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Howling in Breslau
by: Julia Young

Tonight I heard at least two coyotes howling not too far away, the neighbourhood dogs all started whining or howling shortly after hearing them also.

Coyotes at the Pinery
by: Tony from Kitchene

Sitting by the fire at Pinery Provincial Park and there are Coyotes howling as the moon rose. They actually sound quite close. I figure maybe 4 of them.

Coyotes in Souther Ontario
by: Beth

And in North Eastern Ontario. I live in what could be classified as a rather built up area about five miles from town, homes, bushland, open fields, Northern extremity of Lake Temiskaming. One one occasion I saw what was definitely a coyote sitting in the middle of our lane way out to the main road ..... very nonchalantly having what was obviously an enjoyable scratch, then getting up, having a stretch, and after giving my vehicle a scrutiny for about maybe a minute, sauntering off into the bush. Oh, how I ached to have my camera, which I usually have with me [!] but didn't on that occasion.

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