Seven Sightings!

by Our Readers
(All across Ontario!)

In the past month or so, we have received several short reports from our readers who have sighted Coyotes in Southern Ontario.

Here is a synopsis of these reports.

Angela from Aurora says .... We live on the Highlands Golf Course, and saw a Coyote this morning staring through our chain link fence. Our dog was outside and barked for a minute , then just sat down, usually she would run up to the fence and try to play.

Marge from Walsingham, Ontario says .... We heard a pack of about 10, about 30 metres from our back porch Oct 26 2011.

In November, a reader from Port Colbourne said .... in November 2011, saw a very large Coyote right beside road. I actually thought it may have been a Wolf, because it was so large.

Susie Golzlin, from Bradford says .... We were driving near Gilford, Ontario, around 5:30pm when along the road was a white Coyote trying to cross in front of us. The coyote then ran to a nearby field and seemed to watch the traffic go by.

R Humphrey from London, Ontario, reports .... About 4 pm. on December 31st 2011,our dog started growling and running from window to window. We looked out and saw a Coyote running along the back fence.

A reader from Burlington, reported his sighting from North of highway 5 / Walkers Line .... Was walking a trail and observed a large Coyote about 200 meters in the brush, it was looking at me and then took off, was surprised by the size - very large. Cool to see in person!

A reader from London, Ontario said .... About 8:30 a.m. on January 18, 2012, I took my dog over to the ponds off of Pond View Road. I was at the bottom of the stairs when I saw two Coyotes just down a little ways on the same path as I was on. They casually trotted off in the other direction, but they didn't seem scared, just inconvenienced. I left the area, as my dog is very aggressive while on her lead, and I didn't want to provoke anything.

Thanks for all your reports - it seems that Coyotes are alive and well in Southern Ontario!

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Coyotes behind fence
by: Anonymous

Just heard several (sounded like approximately 5) Coyotes howling and yapping behind my fence. Add that to the 2 fox I have seen in the last week. No, I don't live in the country. I live 500 feet from Yonge and Wellington, the main intersection in Aurora!

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