We had many Robins in our yard this year. However, all of sudden they disappeared. We live in Windsor, Ontario.

Does anyopne know the reason?
Thank you.

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Robins getting ready to leave
by: Barb (Webmistress)

Hi there! Thanks for your question. The Robins arrive in this area in Spring and spend the summer here, but once their chicks are raised, they get ready for their trip back to the south. Even though it is only August, flocks of Robins are heading for their wintering grounds further south.

In our area, around London, there were hundreds of Robins a week ago, and now there are hardly any at all.

I hate to think that the summer is almost over, but as the days start to get shorter, it triggers the need to migrate in some birds, and it seems that Robins start earlier than other birds.

Be sure to let us know when you see the first Robins next Spring!

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