Scared the Bejesus out of me

by Priscilla
(London, Ontario, Canada)

I was driving down Fox Point Rd up in Muskoka / Lake-of-Bays area around 5:30 pm, when I saw movement to my right. Out of the ditch came this HUGE bird of prey, we think it was a Golden Eagle.

I jumped on my brakes and yes let out a scream when this bird flew within a few feet of my windshield. It's wingspan took up the whole windshield of my van.

The bird was brown in colour, but I did see some red around its neck area.

My husband thinks that maybe it was carrying something in its beak. It was a sight to see this beautiful creature take flight in huge almost slow motion like beats. After it flew in front of my van it turned right and was gone above the trees.

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Lucky, Lucky, Lucky
by: n0va59

Wow .... lucky you .... I have waited my entire life to see an Eagle in the wild .... my hopes continue to ferment though as the eagle has made a mighty comeback of late .... the numbers are soaring all over North America, so one day soon I do hope to see my first wild Eagle .... just as you have .... LUCKY YOU !

I do understand your amazed reaction to the size of the bird you saw .... quite an overwhelming sight eh!

I remember once a "Rough Legged Hawk" (one of the largest members of the hawk family in North America) landing on my balcony 3 feet beside where I was sitting, the sheer size of this raptor made my heart race....

Once again .... lucky you ..... thanks for sharing your story!

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