Robins reach Eastern and Northern Ontario

by Harvey & Barbara
(Peterborough & Sault Ste Marie Ontario)

The Early Bird

The Early Bird

My daughter Rebecca saw her first Robin of the year on March 10th 2009, here near London, Ontario.

Barbara from Peterborough told us that she saw the first Robin of the season there, on March 20th 2009 - thanks for letting us know Barbara!

Harvey sent us a message from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, to tell us that he sighted the first Robins of the season there in the afternoon of March 21st 2009.

He says that the Robins were seen in his silver birch tree in his back yard where they nest each year in his cedar trees.

Thank you so much for letting us know where the Robins are and when they got there!

Photograph of Robin courtesy of Pete Lypkie

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Saw my first robin march 26 2011
by: barbara

I saw my first Robin on march 2011

robins and rain
by: suzette

I remember as a little girl, my grandfather telling me that when a robin sings a certain song that it will rain within the next 48 hours. I always know to this day when it is going to rain. I have mentioned this tidbit of information when ever I hear a robin singing this song that it will rain today or tomorrow and they think that I am crazy , even though it does actually rain. I am curious if anyone else is familiar with this type of singing before it rains with the robins in their area.

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