Robins never left

by Mary Lynn Horton
(Beamsville, ON Canada)

All winter long I have been watching at least 10 Robins sit in my backyard.

They go to a neighbour´s flowering pear tree and they are eating something off that (decorative flowering pears do not bear normal fruit)and then they fly to my other neighbour´s backyard and sit in a big Black Walnut and preen feathers and clean beaks.

Have not seen them for the past week or so, but they were here all through December and most of January.

Mary Lynn

Thanks Mary Lynn, for another informative submission to our website!

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Long Lost Friend?
by: Anne-Marie

Mary Lynn - Are you orginally from Moncton?

Birds Have their Place
by: Mike Hunt

Surprised that there is a pest control ad, with "bird problems' on this site.

Birds are part of nature, and as we build larger cities and take over more of their natural habitat, what is supposed to happen to them?

Very sad indeed. Can you imagine the garbage without pigeons, crows, and starlings cleaning anything edible up?

Hi Mike - the ads on here are put on automatically and unless I find out, I can't change that, so thank you for letting me know! I'll contact the Ad company and put bird "Pest Control" Ads on their "don't show" list for this website.


Robins like apples
by: Mike Hunt

I had about 4 Robins all last winter, going to my apple tree, & eating the apples that were left on the tree and the buds for apple blossoms.

I thought they might like something else, so I took some frozen corn, chopped up apples, and dried cranberries, and put them in a wooden box that clementines come in, and they just loved it.

They seemed to like dog food as well (I put out leftovers from my picky eaters for the crows)

Bless you for taking care of these little creatures, they may not have survived without your care!

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