Robins Nest

by Steve Chorny
(Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

Many years ago, my wife made a large wreath and within the wreath there was a fake bird and bird’s nest.

Several years ago, the local robins discovered the nest and, after throwing out the fake bird, they built a real nest on top of the fake nest.

It is unique in that the wreath (with the nest in the middle) is right outside our front door.
Most of the robins are wary of us and when we enter/leave the house, the fly away (eventually coming back after we leave).

The picture of the eggs is from a pair of robins that I had two rounds of nesting (in the wreath/nest) last year. They came back again this year and nested in the same spot.

How do I know/believe they are the same? They are the only pair that seem to tolerate us when we come and go. When we walk out our front door, their nest is about 3 feet away (to the side). If we do not stop and stare, they stay put (watching us of course - just in case). If we stop and stare, they squawk and fly away (returning after we leave).

They also leave the nest for short periods of time to search for food. Which, leaves us opportunities to check on the nest (see pic below).

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