Robins living on the lampost on my porch

North American Robin on nest

North American Robin on nest

I didn't notice until later since I usually pass through my garage, but some Robins have built a nest on my front porch.

And now they have a baby so I'm not going to remove it.

I was just wondering how I can deal with them.

I would love to give them some food from time to time, also would want them to stop flying towards me sometimes.

I know they're being protective of their young but is there any way to let them know I ain't a threat?

Thank you for telling us about the nesting Robins.

Robins don't usually come to back-yard bird feeders because they eat bugs and worms, so you can't really feed them, and I'm not sure you can stop them being protective of their young.

If you can avoid going past them, that will help them stay calm.

Good luck!

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