Robins Have Left The Building, (And Our Area)?

by John Jarvis
(Tichborne, Ontario, Canada)

Below is a post from one of our readers ... if you also noticed the absence of Robins last summer, please comment below.

John Jarvis said ... Here is a post I put up on Facebook as it seems that robins have left south eastern Ontario way too early this year (2017) ...

"Have You Seen This Bird?

Robins are not only the 1st sign of spring, they sing very loudly every morning starting just before daylight from spring until it gets really cold, ... until this year?

The 2nd week of July I was cussing them out for waking me up BEFORE daylight, and a week later they completely disappeared. Not only are they not around in the mornings, they haven't been coming out to dig for worms after a rainstorm.

It's way too early for them to have flown south.
Did Ontario's tornadoes blow them away?
Did some of the smoke come in from the B.C. fires and drive them out?
Is there a new type of bird in this area that's driving them away?
Is the air in this area turning toxic?
Has anyone else noticed them missing?
Is it just around my house?
Is it just in the area of Central Frontenac?
Is it all of Ontario?
Is it all of Canada?

Lots of finches and other birds around, it's only the robins that seem to be AWOL!

How would I find out about this...Ministry Of Natural Resources?

Let me know if anyone else has noticed this strange occurrence. Share this post and see if anyone out there can come up with an answer".

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A wonderful sighting
by: Anonymous

Hello, my post from October 13, 2019 wondering why there are no Robins in Oakville, and to my surprise, on Friday 18th of October 2019, I sighted a pair of Robins and again today, October 20th, I'm so happy to report Robins in my backyard! Welcome back!

Please tell me where the Robin's have gone
by: Anonymous

Hello all, I live in Oakville, Ontario and I was wondering if anyone out there can explain the absences of out dear Robin. My favourite song every morning and evening has vanished. I know we have West Nile here in Oakville, but it hadn't completely wiped out all the Robin's in the past. This year I wonder. Looking for answers. Thank you!

This is the time of year that the Robins migrate south for the winter. They'll be back in Spring.

Where did robins go in southern ontario in August 2018
by: Anonymous

August 2018...Cambridge Ontario ... no sign of any robins like in the spring. I observed for many weeks and am curious as to where they went. Felt it was far to early to migrate. Now it's October and the robins have returned in abundance and frolicking as if were spring again. I have never seen this sudden disappearance before and wonder what story they have to tell. Looks like they are beefing up for their migration as we have had a lot of rain and worms are plentiful this past week. I wonder where they went during the heat of August?

I too have noticed this happening in previous years, and I once read that the robins begin their migration as soon as their young are able to fly, so the ones around here leave in August. Meanwhile, the robins that bred and spent the summer farther north, start to migrate and are now passing through this area on their way to the south.

Where Did Robins Go?
by: Anonymous

I noticed the lack of Robins in late summer 2017 as well. I’m just east of Port Perry & it seems their population had peaked earlier that year, judging by all the nests around our property. I found later on, that many nests were destroyed by predators. It seems wherever there is a large population of a species, there will come a predator(s) to take care of it.

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