Robin with great imagination!

by Wendy Staranchuk
(Southampton, Ontario)

First of all, I want to tell you I saw my first two Robins on the front lawn, on March 17th this year.

About 4 years ago we spotted a Robin sitting on the mirror of our Buick stationwagon.

She was bobbing her head up & down & actually kissing the mirror. Every time we looked out the window, there she was, constantly kissing that mirror!

She obviously thought she was kissing another Robin. This went on for a long time.

When my husband drove away with the Buick, the Robin would frantically run up & down the street.

The minute the car was back, she was right up on that mirror again.

As funny as it was, we became concerned for that poor little Robin & tried to encouage her to get away from the imaginary bird & find herself a real mate.

We couldn`t discourage her at all so I had mirror of my own that I put beside the car, on the lawn.

We thought maybe if she was on the lawn, instead of the car, she might wander away. That didn`t work either. She was determined her mate was in the mirror on the car.

Unfortunatley, the car had to go into a garage for repairs. That poor little Robin didn`t know what to do. She was heartbroken that her (imaginary)friend had left for good this time.

She continued to run up & down the street, looking for the car. We knew there was nothing we could really do to help her, as sad as it was.

About the 3rd or 4th day, we didn`t see Miss Robin anymore. We like to think she got herself a "real" mate, had her babies & lived happily ever after!

I wish we had taken pictures of her. Would have loved to share, but we do have the memories so at least I can share my story!

Thanks for sharing your amusing story with us, that is really funny!

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Little Robin
by: Anonymous

What an absolutely adorable story. I hope too, that the robin found another mirror somewhere and lived happily ever after.

Rhonda Watson Farr

by: Anonymous

Great story!

I hope that vain little Robin found someone to love.

Greek Tragedy
by: Anonymous

A lesson about vanity for us all!

Loved the story.


Crazy Robin
by: Joe F.

What a funny story.

Maybe the little bird found an old truck rusting away in a field somewhere and lived happily ever after.

Cardinal aggressive at the window
by: Anonymous

Years ago I had a Cardinal that was flying at one of my house windows. I think he was "attacking" his reflection trying to scare off a male competitor.

It was interesting at first and then annoying as it was constant racket.

Also, I was concerned he might hurt himself.

I ended up taping up newspaper on the inside of the window which seemed to lessen the reflection and he finally quit.

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