Robin on the veranda

by Gail

Summertime Robin

Summertime Robin

Gail, one of our readers from Toronto sent us this report of the Robins nesting in their yard - We have a Robin nesting on our porch, in the space between the veranda and roof.

They had a hard time building the nest, as the wind kept blowing the nest down, so my husband actually nailed a piece of wood to hold the nest in place.

They do seem really happy now, and do not mind sharing the space with us.

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Robin Nesting in Petunias
by: Anonymous

I live in a Condo and have a Baker's Rack with Petunias and other assorted Summer potted plants. I have had to remove nests on three occasions from the middle of my plants. The Robins have made a mess of my balcony. How do I discourage these beautiful song birds from visiting me so often?

I'm not sure how you can discourage them, but just keep removing their nests when you see them, preferably before they lay eggs. They will eventually build a nest elsewhere.

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