Robin in my Backyard

by Ewa, Sylvia & Kellie
(Mississauga , Hamilton & Tiny Township)

Baby Robin looking Anxious!

Baby Robin looking Anxious!

Ewa from Mississauga writes:

I have a robin family in my backyard. They built a nest on a lamp that is installed on a post that supports my roof and I can see them everyday.

After the young ones hatched, their mother worked tirelessly to feed them.

Now that they left the nest I noticed that the mother sits on the nest again. I thought "That's strange. Why is she doing that?" After doing my research I learned that she is taking care of another batch of little robins.

They are not as shy as they used to be. We enjoy observing them every day.

Sylvia from Hamilton says:

I was checking your website to learn about the Robin, because every Spring they make nests around our house.

We have nests on the front light, and right now on our deck on the upper portion.

We feed the birds until May, so lots of birds make nests and have babies around our place even though we live in the city.

I just want to make sure that the baby robins will survive.

Kellie from Tiny Township writes:

I bought my first house last year in a town called Tiny. We moved in the summer so this is our 1st spring in the house.

We have had quite a few sightings of Robins around the house, but this morning my husband discovered a Robin is making her nest right at the side of the house on top of a downspout!

I'm very excited to watch the whole process and it is a great opportunity to educate our four children as well.

Thank you for your web site, I got a lot of info that I needed.

Thank you Ewa, Sylvia & Kellie so much for your contributions to our website! Barb

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