Recent Coyote sightings

by Vicki B, Julie, AP, Mike Wilson, Mary Hyde, Joe, K Dougan
(Mississauga, North Burlington, Richmond, Ottawa, Milton, Erin Mills, Streetsville, Greely)

Vicki B reported an early morning Coyote sighting ... I saw either a small female or young adult Coyote this morning at about 6:30 am. I had my dogs with me so I crossed the street and the coyote went on his/her way. The sighting was on Haig Blvd. and the Coyote was heading down the sidewalk into the side street. I heard him barking and chattering but not at us, I think he was trying locate the rest of his pack most likely somewhere on the golf course back there.

Julie from Mississauga reported ... Saw a Coyote on Broadmoor and Mineola on New Year's Day, at 1:30 am. He or she looks like a scraggly German Shepherd- Collie X. 50/60 lbs ish. Mostly grey in color with black ears and legs. He was curious of me and my son, seemingly not afraid, and started to follow us along Mineola to Lakebreeze. Then he turned and went east along Mineola Road. On January 13 at 10:30 pm I was walking my dog and just saw similar looking Coyote sitting in the snow in the front yard of a house on northwest corner of Lochlin and Mineola. He began to follow us along the road, so I turned and shouted at him and he didn't seem to care. Stopped then started following again. I went south on Broadmoor, and thankfully he turned and trotted off north on Broadmoor. A friend has told me that they see one regularly on Oaks. Seems to be a regular, and a loner.

A.P. wrote to tell us about their dog which got bitten ... Last week-end on Saturday, we were up late at night and around 3 am I let my dog out for a few minutes in our garden connecting to the old ridge park, close to the Meadowvale Credit Valley in Mississauga. We heard him screaming, my dog came back home crying with some blood on his head and my husband went out to see what happened and saw 3 Coyotes in the park! 2 of them were going away and one was staring at him. They bit our dog right above the eye, creating a deep wound and he had some scratches on the neck! We went to a 24 hour clinic and paid $700 for the stitches! We were not there when he go bit so we don't know if the Coyotes attacked him first or if he went to them thinking they were dogs. We are happy he got away and is still alive and that the situation didn't get worse!

Mike Wilson from North Burlington wrote to say ... I was driving south on Cedar Springs Road, February 1 2016 around 11:30 am. I saw what I thought was a Coyote cross the road and head east up a cliff. I stopped and he stopped and looked at me then went 20 more feet, stopped looked back and then stopped one more time and just sat there. I got a good look at him and he had a dark grey head and bad mange on his backside. I'd say he was the size of a male German Shepherd. I came home looked at Coyote pictures and I'd say it was more like a Wolf.

Mary Hyde saw a Coyote or Fox in Richmond area ... I saw what I thought was a stray dog running in my neighborhood this past on the evening of March 2, 2016. It crossed the street, ran in front of my car, and then into some backyards, coming out on Rochelle Drive. It seemed panicky and nervous. Another man who was walking his dog and had a closer encounter with it, said he thought it was either a fox or a coyote; it was not a lost dog. It had a wild look and was reddish gold in colour and quite large. Add that to the skunks, rabbits, groundhogs, deer, turkeys and bear I have seen in our neighbourhood.

Joe I've heard howling of several coyotes in the Moffat Farm area in December, but tonight while walking home westbound on Hog's Back Drive a large adult coyote darted out of the area west of the Rideau Canoe Club crossing Hog's Back toward the rear of the apartment buildings on Prince of Wales. It was a light brown

colour, very large and moving very quickly.

K. Dougan from Milton wrote to say ... Travelling South on the highway in August 2015 about 7 am, noticed a brindle (black with brown mix) Wolf hunting just south of Milton. I stopped and tried to take a photo but he was just too far away for my camera to get a clear pic. I can't shake that image of him. It is sad when I drive past that area now as it is under construction. Very disappointing. Hope he found a new place to live and hunt.

One of our readers told us how to live with Coyotes ... We fear what we don't know. There is excellent information about living with coyotes at the Mississauga Animal Services website (3 articles and 1 video). Please educate yourself about coyotes before fearing and judging them. Coyotes are widely misunderstood and are a valuable part of our eco-system. It is possible to safely coexist with coyotes if you let the facts guide you, not your fear.

Another reader from Folkway and Erin Mills ... Every single day for the past couple of weeks, packs of Coyotes in the green space right behind our home howl - well into daytime hours. The city recommends not walking at dusk or dawn - fine, but this is happening at 9 & 10 am and randomly throughout the day. My neighbour has snapped photos of some of them, 4 - 5 together - directly behind our homes. We have small children and I am afraid to take them out the play in the backyard (let alone for walks or to the park). Tips provided on the city's website pertain to encountering ONE Coyote - not a pack of them which seems to be the norm around here. When will the city recognize that maybe there are too many in a residential area and relocation may be necessary for public safety?

A reader said ... I spotted a coyote last night at 10 pm outside Mineola Public School on Crossfield bend. She was heading into the back lawn of a house at the corner. What is the general advice on what to do to scare away coyotes when you come in contact with them? Can't the City just get rid of them considering all the children and pets in the neighbourhood.

Another reader said Two nights ago heard a pack of Coyotes howling at 1:00 am. It sounded as if there was about 15 Coyotes as they were making SO much noise. Check out Streetsville Living Facebook page where there is a video of a Coyote running past a women, walking her dog, just this last weekend.

A reader said ... I was walking my dog in Woodland Chase Park at 9:00 am this morning (Erin Mills) and heard a very loud Coyote howl, I have heard them howling many times in the night before, but not at 9:00 am. Then I heard many howls, not sure where the pack was and if they were coming my way, but ran without looking back all the way home with my dog, who was very upset.

Other readers wrote about sightings ... Spotted an adult coyote in Mississauga at Glen Erin and Credit Valley Rd while taking my dog for a walk through the park at 2:00 pm, and also heard them last night in the Mc Laughlin and Courtney Park area. Woke up this morning to what I believe was a deer leg bone by my shed.

A reader said ... Spotted four coyotes behind my home in Mary Fix Park (Pinetree and Hurontario) in Mineola West at 7 am, and also we saw two Coyotes the morning running along Mary Fix Creek in the Hampshire Crescent area.

We got a report from Port Credit - Mineola & Hollyrood ... I let the dogs out before heading to bed and within a few minutes a Coyote popped out from the bushes. It wasn't even phased that I was there. It remained standing there for a few minutes even after I yelled for our dogs to come in. Be careful!

Anon wrote March 3 2016 - a couple of Coyotes spotted roaming around Old Prescott/Parkway in Greely. They've been howling around midnight for the last couple of nights.

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Fifteen Coyotes stalking me
by: Mike Honcho

Pack of 15 coyotes strategically stalked a friend and I while at the credit valley golf course for a walk today. They were not afraid of us and got very close to us as if they were planning an attack. We had to shout and scream to scare them off. Be aware down there.

Coyote Sightings
by: Anonymous

Saw a coyote on Haven Glenn and Fieldgate last night at 10:45 pm and again this morning at 9:00 am - I think the city of Mississauga should do something about this. There are normally two travelling together in this area on a regular basis.

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