Recent Coyote Sightings

by Admirer, I think, One of our Readers & Dog Walker from Leamington.
(Kincardine, Leamington, La Salle, )

Three of our readers sent us reports of their Coyote sightings

A Reader from Kincardine, Ontario, says ..... About 4pm one day in early September, I saw one Coyote crossing the road. Second sighting, late September about three miles from first, 6:00 am again crossing road, and a close call. (speed around 90 kph county road). Have heard howling occasionally from forest in the middle of the night.

Dog walker in Leamington, Ontario, saw a lone Coyote, 11:30pm, when jogging down a residential street, Shawnee Court. It ran down the street and passed into the next neighborhood between the houses. They have been eating birds at the marina but I've never seen one that close. It's a good thing my dog was on his leash.

From LaSalle, Ontario - a reader says ..... around 9:00 pm a deer crossed in front of me in my truck. The deer was being chases by 2 Coyotes. This incident occurred in my sub division.

Thank you all for telling us about your Coyote sightings!

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