Ramara Township Coyotes

by Bernice
(Uptergrove, Ontario, Canada)

I work at a construction site as a sales rep. and I maintain the bit of lawn that surrounds the model home.

The other day while cutting the grass around the house, I spotted a lone coyote sitting and watching me.

Not sure what to do, I continued to mow but kept one eye on where he was. As I'd work, he'd sit and watch. This was about 4:00 in the afternoon, the sun was still shining and it was quiet on the site.

After a couple of minutes of being stared at, I stopped the mower and proceeded to tell him how handsome he looked. His coat appeared in good condition and by his size, he had been eating well. While I talked to him, he moved his head from side to side as if listening to my conversation.

I must admit, I did find it somewhat interesting that neither one of us sensed fear from the other. After a couple of minutes I decided it was time to get back to work. As I turned to leave, I said my good byes to him. He got up, turned and headed towards the farthest area of the site and into the bushes.

Maybe next week he'll come by again when I'm cutting the lawn. Then again, maybe he won't, which is fine too, and probably just as well.

Thank you Bernice, for this charming report of your Coyote sighting - please let us know if the Coyote comes back the next time you are cutting the lawn!

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