Possum in Richmond Hill

by Alexandra
(Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada)


Last night my boyfriend told me that while he was out riding his bike, he spotted a "giant rat the size of a Raccoon".

While trying to hold back my laughter, I asked if its tail colour was pink (yes) and the colour of the fur, to which he responded white/grayish.

I told him it must have been a Possum then.

He lives fairly close to a large forest area (the observatory) so it's not uncommon for animals to come out at night, as I've seen a Coyote strolling down his street and a family of White Tailed Deer jumping around in a field nearby.

Thank you for sending us your report - I found a picture of a Possum ... I hope you don't mind my adding it to this page.

I will also post your report on our facebook page.

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Possum Sighting - Sept 14.22
by: Anonymous

I saw a possum this morning around 5:20 a.m. on Weldrick Rd. East. Just east of Yonge Street. It ran our into the road and then scurried back when I drove by. First time seeing a 'live' one.

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