Port Hope Coyotes

by Joel
(Port Hope, Ontario, Canada)

Hello - my wife and I live in Port Hope, Ontario, near a town park with soccer fields and a trail system. We enjoy walking our dog along the trail in the evenings and early mornings.

Over the last 2 years we have encountered Coyotes on several occasions along this trail. Most recently one watched me and our dog from a short distance across the soccer field and even began to follow us which I found a bit unnerving.

Is this normal behavior for one of these animals? He/she seemed very inquisitive and a little bold.

I love seeing animals in their natural habitat but should we be taking any precautions?

Thanks for your interesting site!



Hello Joel - thanks for your input - the only thing I can think of is for you to make noise as you walk your dog - you don't want to surprise any wild animal, and you might also consider walking with another person who is also walking their dog, and perhaps take a stick (walking stick, cane or baseball bat) along with you.

Perhaps one of our readers may have some advice for you .....

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Coyote Safety precautions
by: Cindy Lee Morton

I read and heard of everything about Coyotes and being careful, noise, big sticks and walking with someone else especially in wooded areas.

I live in East York, Toronto, Ontario, Coyotes were really bad there for about 6 months. I also encountered one on December, 24 2011 in a.m. just walking my dog down the street. I was in shock and almost froze, it was huge we both saw each other about 10 feet away, I backed up slowly grabbed my dog and walked backwards till I got around the corner then I walked faster back home.

I called Ministry Wildlife Resources and they already new about the issues of Coyotes in East York but also sent out precautionary information on safety regarding what not to do and what to do, after a while the Coyotes moved on, but it was nerve racking for a while.

I read on your site not too long ago about Hespeler / Cambridge, Ontario, another Coyotes' sitings could you post that again please and thank you because I come up here to visit a lot and want to be careful and aware.

by: Beth Moore

Another good way of making them aware of your presence is a few pebbles in a pop can ..... rattle them as you walk.

At one time I lived where bears abound, and this was the method I used when walking my dog ..... although I say many evident signs of bear on the trails, I never saw a bear.

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