Peregrine or other Falcon?

by Steph
(Ajax, Ontario, Canada)

Hello, I noticed a pair of Falcons nesting in a large pine tree in a park behind my house.

I have attached some pictures.

Can someone ID the type?

Thanks, Steph

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Brant Birder says
by: Kevin

I can tell you with my years of knowledge that yes, it is from the falcon family. But known by us as a Sparrow Hawk or American Kestrel.

by: Alexis

It's a bit hard to identify with your photos and not knowing it's size Steph.

I don't think it's a Peregrine as the banding across their chest is horizontal. They are about 3-3 1/2 feet or 1-1.1m tall.

Might be a Merlin. Their chests have brown streaking and are around 10 inches or 25cm in height.

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