Pelt and Bones

by Matthew
(St Thomas, ONTARIO)

My girlfriend and I had recently built a new house in St Thomas, Ontario. We live right on a Conservation Area and have lots of rivers, streams and paths throughout the woods.

I work nights and used to take her through the woods at night, not really expecting any danger until one night, I heard surrounding me the obvious yelps of MANY Coyotes ... lol ... Not very smart on my part.

So, I changed my schedule for lots and lots of excercise for my dog during the day, although through the same woods.

There have been several reports of 8-12 coyotes in and around our area. I was on route through a path near my house and spotted a fur pelt ... I knew it was shredded apart. I was a little freaked out and ran away and called my girlfriend.

We then went back to check it out and all we saw as we approached the pelt was the skull, spine and rib cage of a deer, the leg, although the hoof was the only part left, and there was some sporratic fur of not only deer but also Coyote fur.

Could it be that the Coyotes in my neighbourhood have taken deer down? The White Tailed Deer are very numerous in my area as well. This is very unsettling for if they can take down a dear, what is stopping them from getting me, my girlfriend or anyone else?

Matthew & Monica

Thanks for your report - you are wise to use caution when you know these animals are around. I'm sure that Coyotes prey upon deer, especially the young or injured animals, although I believe that their main prey is smaller mammals such as groundhogs, squirrels, and mice & voles.

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