Our Dogs Meet Neighbour Coyotes

by Connie
(Newmarket, Ontario)

Our home backs on to the Oak Ridges Moraine and it's not uncommon hear the Coyotes frequently during the night. We have two Thailand Ridgeback dogs, who are known to protect their domain.

On March 6th 2012 I let our dogs out at 0600 am; we don't usually let them out that early, but I had to leave for an appointment in Toronto.

As I watched them one dog stood on the retaining wall sniffing the air standing still and watching into the bush, the other dog was sniffing the perimeter. Up the stairs came one dog leaving his brother still sniffing around.

I turned my back to let the first dog in from outside and not 2 minutes later I saw the second dog running along the back fence with what at a glance looked like another dog. Then in a split second it dawned on me that there are no dogs on our street that look like the tail of what I saw.... sure enough it was a Coyote running along on the other side of the fence with my dog! And where there is one coyote there are two.

I ran down the stairs from the deck yelling, calling the dog and sure enough not 10 feet from the fence was the second Coyote. I tried to get my dog to come in but he wasn't budging; he was going to protect his domain. After more yelling and pushing / pulling at the dog, I finally got him upstairs and in the house.

In the 4 years living in this house, this is the first time the Coyotes have actually came up to our fence to taunt our dog. I found it interesting that the Coyotes didn't come up to the fence until one dog was in the house!

With the constant clearing of land for housing where are these animals to go? Are they curious and want to see who's taking their habitat away? Looking for food? I can't help but feel for these animals.

Needless to say at night or early morning (if they have to go out) I watch the dogs closely when they're outside at least until we raise our fence higher anyway!

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by: Anonymous

Two coyotes (perhaps more in hiding) and one dog, could be the odds in favour of the coyotes, even with a large baiting dog. While bigger, even arguably stronger, you can't discount the intensity and agility of one that needs to make it's living and sustenance with it's tools of the trade.

Multiply that by two (or more) and you have concern. It all dependent on the 'callous' attitude of the survivor mentality of the wild species.

The best scenario in confrontation with multiple coyotes against any dog is their inherent survival considerations. No wild animal will consider undue risks or speculative gamble that could cause unnecessary injury to itself under 'normal' conditions. However the risks could be lessened by the variable of odds.

Coyotes, Wolves, Fox
by: Jane Gateman

It is interesting that Wolves, Coyotes, Fox, don't seem to be interested in the human nor a direct threat to us, interesting.
Please read my experience posted under, Jane Gateman.

Where to go?
by: Beth Moore

It is good to hear someone speak of the coyote encroachment with an understanding of the animals welfare. Yes, we are the intruders ..... too many people overlook that fact.

Meeting Time
by: n0va59

lol I was a bit concerned for the doggie aspect of this entry UNTIL I read your dogs were Ridgebacks.

No doubt the Coyotes were probably curious but there is no way they would even attempt to challenge the two Ridgebacks (I seriously doubt they would even challenge one, but you never know,) however, as you said you are now aware of how close they will come and can be diligent when letting them (the dogs) out in the morning and such.

I would love to see some Coyote pics posted on here if you ever feel so inclined to maybe try to photograph them ..... just a thought.

Dogs meeting Coyotes
by: J. Irvine

Wow, that was an exciting read. Well written, left the reader wanting more...

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