North Oshawa Coyote

by garling23
(Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)

I work just north of Taunton Road on Simcoe Street, Oshawa. Having Camp Samac right there and lots of wooded areas we have seen Coyotes over the years.

Seems to be lots to eat with Deer, Raccoons, Wild Turkeys, etc. A couple years ago while hiking though a wooded area between Simcoe Street and Ritson (near the dump) we came across lots of dog foot prints in the snow by the river.

We didn't think anything of it, just thought it would be a nice place to take our dog for a walk. We started up a hill in the woods and when we came over it I discovered a large deer leg beside a tree, and it was fairly fresh (almost steaming hot).

I then felt a chill and thought back to the foot prints in the snow. Myself and the young person I was hiking with decided to head back, and as we walked back and saw he prints again I realized that no other human prints were there.

I was a little worried as it was a good 25 - 30 minute walk back though the bush.

We made it back alive lol.

We never saw anything else on the way back.

When I returned I immediately started to search on line for what might have attacked such a large creature - Coyotes and Coy-wolves seemed to be a fit.

After researching on line and finding info on this site, I realized I didn't really have a lot to be afraid of.

People seem to encounter these creatures all the time. Since then I have spotted a few of them out there in the field or forest.

Amazingly beautiful creatures. I feel lucky to have seen them!

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Scary Coyotes
by: Anonymous

Sunday, January 3 2021. We back onto camp Samac, at around 11:00 pm we were shocked by what sounded like several 'coyotes' just at the other side of our chain link fence. I have never been so close to such a scary sound as this. I think they had something and killed it, but the sound as they were doing it was frightening. After a few minutes they suddenly stopped, but it sounded terrible.

Taunton Simcoe howling
by: Jane

I went out late with my dogs 3am and heard howling and a bit of barking north of where I live which is on Taunton Rd E in between Mary and Simcoe N. I thought it was dogs in the town-homes across from me and found it strange I heard more then one dog out so late. I realized I had heard it before late at night and thought the same thing without it occurring to me it could be Coyotes. Duh! now that I read your post I pretty sure what I heard had to be just that.

Coyotes vs Deer
by: Darlene

The deer wasn't as lucky as you were, but the Coyotes have to eat (and if there are too many deer, they could starve for lack of food).

Seeing the coyotes, etc., is really great tho!

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