My Pet Robin

by Rebecca
(St Williams, Ontario, Canada)



Well, to start off with my story, I have had a Robin make a nest on top of my back porch light fixture, she has done it for the two years now.

I have grown quite attached to her, and always when I'm out back hanging laundry or passing by my back porch, I say "How's my little Robin doing?" in a high pitched voice, or "Hi Robin-Robin!".

It is hard to have BBQs back there because we are afraid to scare her and then she will abandon her eggs, or babies, so we are trying to be very quiet in our kitchen because her nest is right outside the back door there.

What my boyfriend and I do, is have a BBQ really quick, put out the smoke and clean up and get out of there so she will fly back to her nest! We eat our meals on the front porch for now, till her babies grow up and leave the nest.

I also can tell when shes freaking out about something, because she gives out a loud shriek, like shes upset or scared, every time I hear her do that, I look out my kitchen window, and sure enough, there's a cat too close to our porch where her nest is, so I have to go out and scare off the cat.

Even though I love cats too, but Robin is my girl, and I will do anything to make her feel comfortable on my back porch!

Thank you so much, Rebecca, for your charming story about your Robin - it is so sweet that you take so much time and effort to make the mother Robin feel safe and secure!

I added a picture of a Robin to your submission - I hope you like!

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Ravens and Robins
by: Beverly

We have a large variety of birds in our back yard, from Chickadees, sparrows, Goldfinches, grosbeaks, doves, Blue Jays, Robins and ravens (lately there are some I don't know and have yet to name).
We have a very large while pine tree in the corner of the back yard which for several years the ravens have chosen to nest in. On the opposite of the yard we have robins who nest on the vines on our fence, thankfully the ravens don't bother them and we have watched both of them raise their babies.
Even when the baby robins are on the ground they are left alone. We have many feeders, plus lots of worms and bugs in our back yard so there is no shortage of food. I keep my cat inside and the raven chases the neighbor's cat and squirrels out of our yard. I guess I am lucky.

My Baby Robin
by: Maureen

I have had a baby robin for one week as of today. She was just a little tenuous nestling when she was given to me last week. Now she has doubled in size and is very close to becoming a fledgling.

She has just started perching on my arm and she loves her blueberries.The fun part will soon begin when she starts flying and has to learn to feed herself!

Mama Robin
by: Leahann

We had the same thing right outside the kitchen window by the back sliding door and we have two 80 pound dogs ! She got used to us and the dogs I think she appreciated that having us around helped keep the crows away who were always scouting around the back yard. What a gift we were blessed with when we actually got to see all 3 babies take their very first flight of their lives !

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