My Neighbourhood Squirrel Chaser

by Daniel
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada.)

In the tree with a Pigeon in it's talons.

In the tree with a Pigeon in it's talons.

It was early afternoon in my neighborhood in downtown Toronto, I had noticed something chasing Squirrels on the ground.

As I got nearer I noticed a young Red Tailed Hawk trying to catch some lunch, however he was not having much luck.

I also noticed he was inexperienced and still learning how to hunt for his food and observed this behaviour for a while and he finally figured it out and he caught a Black Squirrel.

I didn't get a pic of him eating his prize because I didn't want to disturb him because he earned it after how long it took him too catch it!

I observe Red Tailed Hawks quite a bit in my area as well as Peregrine Falcons, Osprey, Owls, and Turkey Vultures which are more scavengers that hunters, but this is the first time I had seen the Red Tailed Hawks going after Squirrels.

They are usually going after the Pigeons as there are a lot of them in my area, however this one was only going after Squirrels.

It is such a beautiful sight seeing these beautiful birds in the city.

Thank you for sending us this report and your great pictures, I'm sure our readers will enjoy this, as I did!

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Squrriel Chaser
by: Daniel

You are very welcome. I truly enjoy the site a lot and I love reading about other individuals posts and the beautiful wildlife we are blessed to have and that they have observed. We need to preserve these beautiful birds as well as all other wildlife here and around the world. I love this site and visit regularly for new wonderful stories about wildlife sightings in this wonderful city and province of Ontario.

Thank you for your kind words - I love my website too!

I enjoy creative writing and photography, and I learned how to build this website using the SBI system, which not only teaches you how to build your website, but also shows you how to make is rank well at the search engines and become a viable business.

You can read more about how and why I built this website at "My Passion"

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