My first local Sighting

by Keith Hinchcliffe
(London, Ontario, Canada)

I've been hearing for some time now that the majestic Bald Eagle was residing in the London area; specifically north end.

I attend the Greenway Dog Park, and others users have shared their Eagle sightings with me, but I seemed denied the opportunity.

Then, yesterday, January 30, 2013, as I was walking my dog in McKillop Park, the 'wedge' park at Wonderland & Riverside, a loud calling came from directly overhead.

As I glanced upward, I was astounded at their size, as I was expecting to see a Redtail Hawk, common to the area.

But, to my amazement, it was a pair of Eagles, in single file, flying low and following the river westward.

Soon they disappeared over Springbank Park.

The rear bird appeared a more brown hue to it, with the white head & tail not being as prominant as the lead bird.

Was this the female, or an adolescent? I know little of the bird itself, merely a very keen observer.

Thank you so much for sending us this report of your Bald Eagle sighting.

I'm not sure whether the two birds you observed were a pair, or an adult and juvenile, although, I understand that individuals get their white head and tail at around 5 years of age, so it was likely two adult birds.

I too, have seen Bald Eagles on the bank of the Thames - my sightings have both been at the Guy Lombardo bridge on Wonderland Road. I also saw two flying very high above Cherry Hill Mall on Oxford Street a couple of years ago.

They really are magnificent!

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