Bald Eagle at Thames River, London

by Barb
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Bald Eagle, Wonderland Road, London

Bald Eagle, Wonderland Road, London

January 19th 2010

Greetings - this is Barb from here - this afternoon, at around 2pm, as I was driving through London, Ontario, I spotted an adult Bald Eagle in a tree on the bank of the Thames River, just south of the Guy Lombardo Bridge on Wonderland Road.

I passed it and then turned my car around so that I could drive by and see it again! Cars were dashing along the road, and I'm sure that most of the drivers were oblivious of the majestic bird of prey sitting in the tree so close to them.

If anyone else saw this, or another Bald Eagle in the area, please let us know by completing the form on our "Eagles" page - we would love to hear from you!

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by: Anthony

Today driving by Spring Bank park I saw an adult Bald Eagle in flight.

I had to stop and have a second look, but he was obviously looking for game.

I hope to catch a sight of that beautiful bird again.

Thanks for telling us about your Eagle sighting, I saw one last week in the same area - the Guy Lombardo bridge, over the Thames, on Wonderland Road - isn't it great that these magnificent birds are making such a great come back in Southern Ontario!

Spotted just west of London near killworth.
by: Dan

I was driving on Commisioners Road west, nearing the bridge over the Thames River, when I saw an adult Bald Eagle take flight and fly along the river towards London.

It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen!

Bald Eagle sighting

Hello ......

Recently I was fishing the Thames River around Fanshawe Conservation Area which I do at least once a month and to my surprise there was a large bald eagle flying above me.

I noticed it was nesting around the area about two kilometers south of the damn at the conservation area, in between Highbury Avenue and Veterans Memorial Parkway. I just wanted to say that it was an amazing experience and next time I'm bringing a camera!!

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