Mississauga Coyotes

by Residents of Mississauga, Ontario


Several readers reported Coyotes in Mississauga ...

One of our reader gives a warning as there is a big Coyote on Etobicoke Creek Trail, he said ... a man on his bike spoke with me about how he and his German Shepherd encountered a Coywolf that came in their path with no fear and had a scuffle with his dog until he broke it up. Shortly after my walk north of Eglinton Ave on the trail I was up the hill and my dog 90 pounds or so Mastiff / Shepherd mix was further down chasing squirrels smelling things. I noticed this huge Coywolf running & creeping up to him at the bottom, 50 feet away. My dog was spooked but spotted him they were 5 feet away looking at each other squaring off for a few seconds, then I hear growling and fighting. I yelled and yelled and caught the Coywolf's attention and he looked directly at me without fear. I distracted him while my dog made it up the hill and gave a cry - he was scared. This thing was bigger than him, it was huge. Now my dog is considered big, but this thing was bigger! Now my dog is considered a bully, but this thing bullied him and has ruined our walk, and we had to retreat fast with fear. Be warned it is dangerous and will eat smaller dogs and will attack kids. It's got a full body of fur around its neck. Looks like greater than 120 pounds with its fur. Be careful out there!

Another one of our readers said ... I was just out walking the dog through the Adamson Estate when I saw 4 Coyotes together on the main path. There were 2 large Coyotes and 2 smaller ones all together. They stood their ground and I backed off the trail. They did not seem to be afraid of me or my dog.

Another reader said ... a large and what seemed lost Coyote/Coy-wolf was seen roaming Wedmore Way - Clarkson Road north tonight just before 8 pm. This is my second sighting in 2 weeks, the other was heading towards Benares House during the morning school drop off. Both didn't seem a bit intimidated by their surroundings. Be careful if you're out walking late.

Another Mississauga resident said ... a large Coyote was just spotted in front of Hillside Public School on Kelly Road at 12:45 pm. It was broad daylight and was eating garbage and it didn't seem to get scared by passing vehicles. Just an FYI.


A resident of Delaney Drive wrote to report ... I sighted a very large Coyote (more likely a Coywolf as it was the size of a good sized German Shepherd) on Delaney Drive in Clarkson at 9:45 this morning. It spotted a squirrel and attacked with amazing speed, catching the squirrel and killing it. It then boldly walked down the sidewalk with its kill. I suggest considerable care be taken, especially with children and animals. This animal showed absolutely no fear and given the time of day it shows daylight offers little to deter them. Big, wild carnivores and residential neighborhoods are not a good mix. Please be watchful and careful.

One of our readers said ... my daughter and her husband were walking our two dogs this morning at 10:00 am in Cawthra Estate and saw one Coyote chasing a rabbit ... it showed no fear.

Another reader from Mississauga sighted a Coyotes at Huron & North Service Rd ... My boyfriend and I were out exercising our dog in a field at 10 pm tonight. Midway through our routine, we noticed what appeared to be an off-leash dog about 30 meters from us. Upon further inspection, we came to realize that a second, much larger “dog” was lurking behind that one and stalking us. We are very sure that these were fairly large Coyotes. One was just sitting in the field and staring to distract us while the other crept up by the bushes in our direction. Very, very scary. They did not show signs of fear.

Mr G said ... With all of the coyote sightings and warning signs posted in the Clarkson/Park Royal area, we need to come to the realization the the days of outdoor pet cats should be over. As a guardian to two of them, I would never allow them outside. We can only hope that common sense prevails and people realize that if they love their furry companions, they will keep them indoors. Mine have lived indoors for 8 years and are very happy active felines. Coyotes' natural instincts are to hunt for food. They control the population of rabbits, raccoons and shouldn't be given the opportunity to prey on our beloved felines.

Thank you, dear readers from Mississauga - thank you for reporting your Coyote and Coywolf sightings, I hope this helps residents be aware of the Coyote population in your community.

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