May be Cooper's Hawk

by Steven Johnson
(Whitby, Ontario, Canada)

I believe I saw a Juvenile Cooper's Hawk today in Whitby Ontario. The colouration matches the picture in Wikipedia of the same.

I also took the time to look at all the pictures I could find of Southern Ontario birds of Prey.

The only pictures that I could find that matches what I say is the young Cooper's Hawk.

It swooped in across the parking lot in front my window, down to about 2ft off the ground, then up into the tree right outside my window about 20ft away.

The bird looked around a little bit and I could just make out the red eye on it's left side before to took off again heading north.

Location - Dundas and Cochrane in Whitby, Ontario about 10:00 am EST

The picture attached is almost exactly like the the bird I saw, though it was on a thicker branch and the plumage on the wings was a little darker.

Thank you for your report - you are lucky to have had such a good sighting of the Hawk.

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