Manchester Road Kitchener

by Jim
(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

While walking my dog on leash on the trail behind our house on Manchester Road, Kitchener, I saw what appeared to be about the size of a large Retriever, although more drab in colour.

I stopped walking and did not get close, as I did not recognize the animal. The animal just stood in the middle of the trail and watched intently.

I backed away and later heard that Coyotes had been seen and believed to be living in an overgrown area at the end of Manchester Road.

I am concerned with this, with the number of children playing in the bush area and creek.

For the most part, Coyotes live fairly well in the proximity of humans, hunting rabbits, mice and other small animals. The problems occur because Coyotes can't tell the difference between a rabbit (their prey) and a small dog (our pet) and we think that they are a nuisance.

If I were you, I'd let your neighbours know that you have seen Coyotes in the area and suggest that they tell their children not to play alone, but to play in groups, and for them to be aware that there are Coyotes in the vicinity.

Coyote attacks on children are incredibly rare (much rarer than domestic dog attacks on children), and I have heard of two in the thirty years I have lived in Southern Ontario, but that doesn't mean that it can't happen.

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Another sighting - same neighbourhood.
by: David

We live only two blocks from Manchester Road in Kitchener and saw a coyote in our front yard on Christmas morning (2012) about 9:00. It was only about 30 feet from our front door. Last year one of our neighbours said he saw one walk down the middle of our street during the night.
I also saw one on the road shoulder about 3 weeks ago at Highway 407 as I rounded the the access to Highway 427 near Mississauga.
I find coyotes interesting, but I also respect them, particularly as we have a small dog that we let out into our fenced back yard. Increased diligence is apparently in order! We will be letting our neighbours know as well.

Manchester sighting confirmed
by: Anonymous

I can confirm coyotes on Manchester Road. We met our real estate agent tonight (22/10/12) at the end of Manchester Road to view a home currently listed. Upon our early arrival, I saw a coyote at the trail entrance slowly walking away from our vehicle. I pointed him out to my wife and we both watched him till he was no longer in sight.

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