Male and Female Peregrine Falcons with Nest

by Darcy Arbeau
(London, Ontario, Canada)

We live over on Huron and Barker Street in a crescent across from a French High School.

The past 4 days we have seen 2 Peregrine Falcons with a nest in our backyards.

They are constantly in the area around their nest.

Their distinct bird call is not always enjoyed first thing in the morning and it has done a wonderful job of driving our cats and dogs crazy!

We have noticed them enjoying a nice meal of mice at times and the dogs appreciate it when they drop dead carcasses into our backyard for them to find.

I have also noticed that our bird feeder is being used less and less.

We also had some squirrels that were partly tamed, just in the sense that they would come around us when we have peanuts, but not too close.

I have lived in London Ontario for 12 years and some families have been here for 20 to 30 years and this is the first time any of us have heard, seen or even knew there was Peregrine Falcons in London.

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Sorry for mistake
by: Anonymous

The information about the Falcon's edible prey was given to me from my girls. They have to clean up the backyard to remove the dogs daily deposits. They mentioned that while they were cleaning they saw the falcon eating. I myself am not an expert and so just took their word for what they said they had seen. Same goes for the left over parts in the yard.
Thank you for bring that point to light and I apologize for any misleading facts. I intend to have a closer look at what the falcon is eating.

Not likely Peregrines
by: Anonymous

Hi there. Peregrines only catch their prey in the air, birds only, and so whatever is eating mice there I can pretty well guarantee is not a peregrine.

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