Major population outbrake in Wilberforce, Ontario

by Richard Cripps
(Wilberforce, Ontario, Canada)

Over the past couple years I have seen an explosion of Coyote population with the disappearance of Wolves.

These brash animals have been sighted directly outside many residences within feet of doorways and windows.

As much as it is reported that these critters avoid human contact.....this is FALSE!!

In the last couple of days I have personally seen 4 - 5 coy within feet of our front doorway. We do not live in rural area however.

Last night I was personally stalked by no less then 2 coy while rooting around in my camper trailer. The release of a couple of M-86 firecrackers usually deters them but they are growing used to this and they remain.

Also the deadly "fischer rats" have been spotted by numerous people in the area.

I'm not familiar with those rats, but they sound dreadful!

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Fisher Cats
by: Alexis

I think you have a typo here and meant to say Fisher Cats, a member of the Weasel Family and closely related to the American Marten.

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