Lost and Found at University of Windsor

by Jim Sweetman
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

Hercules passes the vet check!

Hercules passes the vet check!

Hercules was born under the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ontario.

On one of his maiden flights, he got too far west. Out of energy and away from mom and dad, Hercules was caught and turned over to the local Humane Society.

The Falcon Association, having heard their youngest fledgling was at the Humane Society, arranged for his rescue and returned him to mom and dad.

He was placed on a nearby building at night and mom and dad found him the next morning. They fed Hercules some pigeon.

Hercules flew away, free. He was the first falcon to have graduated from the U of Windsor.

Thanks for sending this Jim, I'm going to publish this on the website again.

I will also post this on our facebook page.

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