London Coyote

by Barb
(London, Ontario)

My sighting of a Coyote occurred on June 7th 2010 at approximately 6:30pm.

We live in a condominium complex that runs adjacent to the Thames River in London, Ontario. The complex is situated in the west end of the city and we are able to experience much wildlife in our own "backyard" due to our locale.

The Coyote was bold as he made his way up to our property in the broad light of day. He (or she) casually made their way along the side of our property to the back (which runs adjacent to Commissioners Rd. West) and he continued along and out of our sight.

That was the last we have seen of him this summer but we also wondered what lured him/her to this area.

There is a large population of Chipmunks and Squirrels in this vicinity so I am certain that the Coyote was very much interested in the prey that was plentiful and available.

Thank you providing a very informative internet site.

You are most welcome, Barb, I'm glad you enjoy our website, and thank you for your report.

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