Jane Gateman RN

by Jane Gateman
(Hawkestone, Ontario)

I was cross country skiing along Bass Lake Trail, at Big Cedar Estates, in Hawkestone, Ontario, where I live, this area is very close to Bass Lake.

My eye caught the movement among the trees to the left of me, and I stopped skiing on the trail, and stood still to visually catch the animal, and I did.

The beautiful Grey Wolf was running very fast past me, and of course a good distance from me.

I took my ski pole and hit it on a tree close by me, to alert the wolf that I was aware of him, and it was my effort to assert myself and to ensure that he kept running, and faster away from me.

He wasn't interested in me anyway and I knew that he had my image in his eye, when he was running, and especially when I hit my ski pole on the side of the tree.

He heard me long before my eye caught him running among the trees.

I observed his foot prints in the snow on the trail just ahead of me. His foot prints were all over the trail in different areas, as though he was looking for something.

The wolf was very pretty. The time was around 15:30.

I have seen a Coyote, as well, this past summer. He was crossing the trail a fair distance ahead of me, and I was able to observe him clearly. He was grey and rough looking, not as neat and clean, as the wolf........ disheveled like. He didn't appear to have seen me.

As well, I observed a blonde Fox cross my path, while I was walking on the trail, a distance ahead of me. I slammed a board down on the trail to ensure he kept moving into the woods and away from me. He didn't appear to have initially seen me. He was very pretty.

Thank you so much for your submission to our website, and thank you for passing along your observations of the Nature you have encountered.

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