Indigo Bunting visitors

by Sue, Marian, Barb, Lynda, Margaret, L.W., Andrea, Sharon, Judy, Matthew M
(Wasaga Beach, Midhurst, Hillsburgh, Campbellford, Byng Inlet, Guelph, Oakville, Owen Sound, Amberley, Lindsay, Aurora)

Beautiful Indigo Bunting

Beautiful Indigo Bunting

Sue from Wasaga Beach wrote ... on May 20, it was my first time ever seeing an Indigo Bunting! I live in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Unfortunately it was a very brief moment at the feeder. Not enough time to take a picture.

Marian from Midhurst said ... I saw the male on Gill Road in Midhurst Ontario alongside the road. His colouring caught my attention. Sorry, no camera on hand. Walk there all the time. Will start to bring camera.

Barb Perkins wrote to say ... we found 2 birds a week apart on our driveway near the house deceased. This was in Hillsburgh, Ontario.

Lynda S from Campbellford said ... for the record: spotted a male indigo bunting today, May 15th. A first, so a huge thrill!

Margaret from Byng Inlet wrote ... over the past 2 weeks I have had a male indigo blue bunting come to my feeders. He is very shy and usually only comes to the feeder when no other birds are on it. I have watched male gold finches on the same feeder come up from behind him and a couple of the goldfinches will scare it away. We actually live somewhat north in Ontario, about one hour north of Parry Sound. I’ve tried to take a picture of him but as soon as he notices you he flies away. I’ve only ever seen one twice before while living in Innisfil, Ontario. What a beautiful little bird.

L.W. from Guelph wrote to report ... I spotted an Indigo Bunting in the spirea bush behind my house on the west side of downtown Guelph. 10:30 a.m., May 11, clear skies, windy, unseasonably cold at 6'C.

Andrea from Oakville, Ontario said ... I watched an Indigo Bunting on my bird feeder today ... it was tucking in to the songbird mix whilst a downy woodpecker helped himself to be peanuts just inches away. Beautiful to watch.

Sharon from Owen Sound, Ontario, wrote ... I have never seen these bird before but this morning there were 2 under our apples trees in Georgian Bluffs 10 mins north of Owen Sound. They are beautiful!

One of our readers wrote from Amberley wrote ... I spotted a male Indigo Bunting picking out small bits of gravel from our driveway, I had no camera handy and this was a first time sighting for me.

Judy from Lindsay reported ... I sighted an Indigo Bunting on my water feature, July 1st, 2023. First time I ever seen one. Located just south of Lindsay, Ontario.

Matthew M from Aurora wrote ... we have lived in Aurora for 25 + years and have seen many beautiful birds at our feeders but two days ago was the first time we had ever witnessed an Indigo Bunting settling on the feeder for a feast. We were so busy enjoying watching this little indigo explosion of colour that we did not even think of snapping a photo. A really delightful moment. From the research we are 100% confident it was an Indigo Bunting.

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Amazing sight
by: Jackie

I saw 4 Indigo Bunting on my finch feeder. Bright blue. Couldn’t believe my eyes. They stayed around for about 2 days, then disappeared. I’ve lived here 59 yrs. First time I've ever seen them. I think it was early July 2023.

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